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Harvard Alumni Freedom Fundraiser

Our next show, the Harvard Alumni Freedom Fundraiser, will be on Sunday, September 6 at 7pmEST! Register for free tickets here.

Our mission

The Freedom Fundraiser Collective is a network of artists and activists that empowers creative voices to mobilize, organize, and fundraise for Black queer and trans liberation and all intersecting political projects.  We serve as a space for young working artists, with an emphasis on Black artists, Indigenous artists, and artists of color, to highlight their work through virtual showcases in dedication to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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We bring together artists from a range of different backgrounds in order to encourage creativity with a cause.


Every dollar counts, and we work to start a ripple effect in our community and beyond that inspires a continuous stream of donations.

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In our privileged position as college students, we hope to utilize our power to influence and educate our peers, community leaders, and academic institutions to make structural changes that will support Black lives.

Who we support

100% of the funds that we raise are directly donated to organizations across the country that are dedicated to covering the costs of bail for arrested protesters, reforming the American judicial system, organizing protests, and doing the difficult work of fighting for lasting racial equality and justice.


Join the Movement

Interested in Hosting Your Own Freedom Fundraiser?

Shoot us an email at freedomfundraiser1@gmail.com! We'll send you a comprehensive planning doc, pub your event on our social media, and help support you as you raise money in your community!

Want to be a sponsor?

By committing to be a sponsor, you agree to help us publicize our events and support our mission in the fight for social justice. 

Want to Share your art?

We accept art from all media, and we'd love to have you be a part of future performances, or featured on our instagram.

Contact Us

Thanks! We'll get back to you ASAP.










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