An Artivist movement

According to Stephen Duncombe, if art generates Affect, as in the emotion the empathy needed to push people forward, and activism creates Effect, as in tangible change, then “artivism” means using art to emotionally charge a movement for change. Art is at the core of the Freedom Fundraiser Collective, and we are looking to uplift and support as many artists as possible so that they can be empowered to reimagine a better world. 




Want to paint a portrait? Want to sing a song? Want to perform a stand-up comedy set? We accept art of any and all forms. All we require is that performances and videos be no longer than 3 minutes in length!

You can sign up to have the option to perform in our next live event, or to have your art posted on our instagram account @freedomfundraiser. Fill out this form if you're interested in being featured.

That's it! Here is an example of art that we have published in the past. We're so excited to see your work!

How to Share Your Art